Mortgage and Credit Insurance

The various types of credit, such as mortgage loans, mortgage lines of credit personal loans, personal lines of credit, etc. are quite common, and like most people you probably use this alternative to meet your financial obligations.

Credit insurance is intended for anyone who has a mortgage and/or personal loan and/or line of credit.

To meet your credit insurance needs and ensure financial security in the event of death or disability, we suggest you subscribe to our flexible term life insurance, which offers a full line of features and distinctive advantages.

Features and Advantages of Mortgage and Credit Insurance

You can insure all types of loan or line of credit, both personal and mortgage or any other financial obligation. The coverage is portable. Whether you change your bank or financial institution that holds your mortgage, you are covered regardless! In the event of death, the money is paid tax-free to the beneficiary of your choice. The beneficiary can use the money in any way he pleases.