Consider a career in financial services.

Why Pursue a Career In The Insurance Industry? Want To Make A Positive Change In Your Community? Do You Want To Increase Your Income? Are You Looking For a Career Change? Are You Urging For An Opportunity To Tap Into Your Potential For Excellence?

Many look for the opportunity to maximize their creativity and talent. Some look for ways to increase their income. Others look for different opportunities to change their career. Because let’s face it! We all strive for a better life! We all strive to provide more for ourselves, and our families! How great would it feel to work in an exciting new challenging career and at the same time, meet awesome and friendly folks too!

So the questions still remains…

Why Pursue a Career In The Insurance Industry?

First of all let’s make a comparison between being employed and becoming a self employed insurance agent:

  • You are an employee
  • You are bound by time in terms of earnings
  • Your promotion is limited
  • You work for others
  • Your tenure is not stable
  • Job description can be monotonous
  • Your pay is fixed
  • May be deeply affected by recession
  • You are a business person
  • Your time if flexible. You control your schedule
  • Your progress/promotion is not in a position but in monetarial value. You start seeing positive changes in your lifestyle.
  • You work for yourself. You are your own boss!
  • No one can fire you here but yourself
  • Job description is always exciting! Meet new people and challenges each day!
  • You write your own paycheck! You earn what you want! Income is unlimited! It all depends on how hard you work!
  • Insurance was and will always be an important part of every family’s financial plan. Even in times of recession!!!

Now that you have seen the benefits of being an insurance advisor…

Why Join The Wealth in Motion Team?

For Many Reasons! Because really, it’s just an amazing place.

    1. Atmosphere The staff and agents are friendly and welcoming. We believe in working in a positive and dynamic environment. That’s the truth!
    2. Support Here at Wealth in Motion we strongly believe in intensive training and education. So it’s in our best interest that we support you in your goals every step of the way!
    3. Opportunity The income is unlimited! You write your checks! You earn what you want depending on how hard you work! It makes it possible to fulfill your dreams!
    4. Sales Incentives We promote and acknowledge hard work! Every year we send our agents to fun and exotic places! Some of our agents have been able to go to Las Vegas, Europe, San Francisco, Orlando Florida , Penticton B.C. and Whistler B.C. just to name a few! Sales contests are always going on every week for t.v.s, laptops, tablets, and many more! We really try to make work fun!
    5. Marketing Material Brochures, pamphlets, door hangers, flyers and other marketing material is FREE OF CHARGE. We know starting a business can be costly, so we help by not charging our agents for any marketing material they may need to use to promote their sales!
    6. Be Your Own Boss! You control your destiny! You don’t work for anybody else but yourself!
    7. Part Of A Dedicated Team In Wealth in Motion you will have a sense of belonging! You will be part of a team that cares about your development! In other agencies they treat you as a number. But here we see you as an individual striving for excellence. We care! and we want you to feel that you are among friends!
    8. No Pressure! Here at Wealth in Motion we don’t pressure our agents into making sales, we motivate them! We believe that a happy agent is a more productive agent! That’s why we don’t believe in quotas. We want you to tap into your true potential while eliminating the element of fear!
    9. Co-Op Advertising When you reach a certain level of sales you will be qualified for our Co-Op Advertising program! Our insurance sponsor will cover 50% of the cost for one of your advertisement projects once a year! We’re more than happy to support your business and success! * certain conditions apply
    10. Education Allowances We also provide allowances for any agent willing to pursue higher education in the field of financial planning! * certain conditions apply
    11. Beginner Friendly We specialize in helping beginner agents get started and all our senior agents are exceptionally encouraging!
    12. We Listen To Our Agents! We try our best to give every agent the best personal experience we can. Good people are everywhere but Wealth in Motion is full of good friendly, fun and positive people who want everyone’s financial situation to become a little bit better!

Come and check what this opportunity is all about!

We look forward to meeting you!